Katie Benge

Katie Benge


Katie Benge is a Canberra born, Wellington, NZ based musician. Her lyrics speak of a wealth of experience that seems both personal and universal, backed as they are by her timeless yet contemporary songwriting. Katie’s voice sometimes soars, occasionally whispers, and continually seems determined to gently guide us home.

Sessions with Katie Benge

November 24, 2018

Katie Benge
Main Stage
2:45 PM  -  3:05 PM
Yoga With Katie
Yoga at Hidden Valley
3:30 PM  -  4:30 PM

November 25, 2018

Yoga With Katie (Sun. AM)
Yoga at Hidden Valley
9:30 AM  -  10:00 AM
Music Workshop
Art Workshops/Healing Vibrations
12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM