Find the Lost Goddess in Your Life

November 24, 2018    1:30 PM  -  2:30 PM
Yoga at Hidden Valley

Dr. Joanna Kujawa’s Find the Lost Goddess in Your Life Workshop aims at re-awakening of the Goddess Principle in our lives through a short talk on the subject, guided journaling and interactive exercises in a fun and supportive environment.

Find the Lost Goddess in Your Life Workshop: For at least two thousand years, our culture and spirituality excluded the Goddess principle from our awareness with perilous results for our personal lives, our inter-personal relationships, environment and global spiritual evolution. Yet the Divine cannot be fully experienced without that powerful Principle. Indeed, in the ancient spiritual traditions, the Goddess was often represented as Wisdom, Mother, Seductress, Intuition, the Divine Energy and the Great Connector of All Creation. Recently, the interest in the Goddess Principle and its many archetypes has been revived in all spiritual traditions. In this Workshop we will look at many forgotten Goddess Archetypes and through the mix of interactive fun activities and guided journaling exercises, this Workshop will bring the Goddess back!

Please bring your pen and journal/paper.

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