UNITY EARTH is a worldwide collective dedicated to promoting intercultural harmony, spiritual unity, global transformation and peace through music, events and various media.

UNITY EARTH came into being as a natural convergence between U Day Festival, World Weavers and the Interspiritual Network. Beginning in 2016 the first event convened by UNITY EARTH was Tilman Chapel in New York, across from the UN General Assembly. The event was commemorating the UN Week of Spirituality in October 2016 and brought together musicians, visionaries, activists and interfaith voices to celebrate and to dream up a global series of events around the world over the coming four years – which came to be known as The Road to 2020.

The next stop on the Road was the Crestone Convergence in Colarado June 2017. This remarkable gathering of indigenous leaders, heads of change making organisations, musicians and spiritual activists immersed with the local spiritual community in a week-long exploration of unity, ecology and transformation. This great little video captures the moment well:

UNITY EARTH was a convener and sponsor of the Return to Country Festival in Australia, November 2017. This remarkable occasion marked the returning home of a 43 000 year old human remains belonging to the ancestral spirit known as Mungo Man. The Return to County Commemorative event in Mildura brought indigenous dance groups, cultural groups and musicians from the “four corners” of Australia as well as international participants to commemorate in song and dance the long-awaited moment of Mungo Man coming home. The evening concert was headlined by iconic Aboriginal musician Uncle Archie Roach.

In February 2018 UNITY EARTH convened the U Day Festival in Ethiopia in 2018. Bringing together 65 indigenous leaders, activists, musicians and spiritual visionaries to Ethiopia the Land of Origins, during Interfaith Harmony Week, this was an 8-day journey of sacred sites, peace concerts and culminated in an event at the African Union attended by the President of Ethiopia.

Beginning in Thailand in 2012, U Day Festival is a global spiritual music festival celebrating human unity. Bringing together musicians, artists, spiritual leaders, visionaries and peace activists, U Day is an event of growing importance promoting an uplifting message of intercultural celebration and spiritual harmony.

Following the success of U Day Ethiopia in 2018, U Day Festival will be held in India in November 2019 and Jerusalem in February 2020. September 2020 will see a musical Caravan of Unity touring right across the United States.

UNITY EARTH is proud to be convening Fields of Healing: A Journey of Awakening in North Byron Parklands, Australia November 24 & 25. UNITY EARTH is also convening the Toronto Convergence on October 31, 2018 as part of the gathering for the Parliament of World Religions.

In additional to these events around the world UNITY EARTH also hosts The Convergence Radio Show on Voice America as well as publishes The Convergence Magazine, both these platforms dedicated to promoting an evolutionary message of love, harmony and unity.